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Tuesday, June 19th, 2007
11:50 pm
ZOMG! Another LJ post :p
You know, maybe I'll actually start using this thing properly soon (though I need to remember to read other peoples LJ's, too).

This entry is more about my Driving stuff, with a few more SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEES!

I had a driving lesson today, and it was awesome!!! I'm not usually nervous when driving, but today I just felt totally at ease, comfortable and confident. My Instructor, Chris, hasn't been telling me what to do for the last few lessons - except when it's something new, or something I still need guidance on - but today he didn't have to tell me what to do once. When asking me to do something (like a manoeuvre, or stop and start etc.) he just asked me as an Examiner would. I even had some tricky situations to deal with (like 2 ambulances trying to get passed me in rush hour; and some other hazards) and he was quite impressed with how I dealt with them.

In all, I've had (I think) 22 hours of lessons (all my lessons have been 2 hours long, each - so that's 11 lessons) in 6 weeks. Before this I had about 5 hours 3 years ago, of which I can remember nothing.

Chris told me today that if I had my test tomorrow, I'd pass it no problem! WOOT! I was soooo happy when he said that, I did almost SQUEE; but remembered that he'd prob think I'm a freak, especially as he's only ever seen me as calm - even when someone cut me up and almost smashed into us I stayed calm and didn't curse. So not like me :p (I think I may have called them an ass, but I didn't panic at all - just reacted extremely fast to avoid a collision, even though that was only my second 2 hour lesson!)

Hmm, I've never thought about what my Instructor thinks of me (except as a driver). I bet he thinks I'm weird - I can be quite a serious person, and even my sense of humour is serious - as in the way I say things (sarcastically etc.) is so dead-pan that not many people know when I am actually joking. I've seen him look at me a few times when I've said stuff, trying to tell if I'm being serious or not. Also, he must think I'm more of a lady than I am :D If/when he curses (mainly when talking about the Practical Driving Examiners) he ALWAYS apologises to me. Anyway, no idea why you guys would want to know what I think he thinks of me - I just typed it as I thought it, so gonna leave it in.

I have booked my Test, though I'm not gonna tell everyone when it is, just in case I do happen to fail :p It's quite a few weeks away, though, due to the waiting lists.

I still need to work on a couple of things to perfect them. There are three main manoeuvres we can be tested on, one of which is:

Reverse 'round a corner (left) - needs some improvement; my control and observations are great - just need to work on the accuracy a bit, though you can get away with a bit of inaccuracy.

I also need to work on my pulling off, as sometimes I can be a little jerky (not when starting out - just at lights, roundabouts etc.). I usually move off with the clutch, then accelerate as I start to move. But I sometimes bring the clutch up too fast, thinking I'll move off faster - I KNOW that's not the case, but I still make the mistake! Chris told me to start pushing in the accelerator before bringing up the clutch, then bring up the clutch slowly as I increase the acceleration. Chris reckons most women do it the way I've been doing it - and most of my friends agreed - but it's easier to set some acceleration first, then bring the clutch up - and after doing it that way for the last 2 lessons, I agree. Just need to perfect it now. I sometimes forget and do it the way I have been doing it - but today I only did that twice, and both times were great move off's anyway.

That's the only things I need to work on, I think (and Chris agrees :p ) I'm rather good at everything else. Just hope that I don't make any silly mistakes on the day of my test! In about 2 weeks I'm gonna have a Mock Test - Chris is hoping to get another Instructor to do this with me, so that it'll be more like the real thing and better prepare me for what to expect. Maybe after that I'll write a post on what our Practical Test entails (I'm sure it's a LOT more than the US, and much stricter).

ETA: I have no idea if any of this makes sense, btw. I'm falling asleep and can't be assed to re-read it.

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Monday, June 11th, 2007
10:21 pm
ZOMG! A LJ post :p
I interrupt your friends pages with my SQUEEEEES and WOOTS!!!

I PASSED MY THEORY TEST!!!! (Driving Theory)


ZOMG! I'm sooo happy :D

As per usual, when it comes to tests/exams I did hardly any practice. I only practised the Multiple Choice 12 times, and the Hazard Perception just 4 times!, so I'm quite surprised I did so well :D I blame skype for that, though :p Every time I came on to practice on my CD Rom, I could never ignore the flashing/chats popping up!

I got 33/35 on the Multiple Choice (pass mark is 30) and 60/75 on the Hazard Awareness (pass mark is 44).

For those of you who don't know about the UK Theory test, I'll explain it:

Explanation under the cutCollapse )

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